6 Tips to Maximize Your Living Space

By Josh Kattenberg

You may have seen articles or videos such as the documentary on Netflix called “Small is Beautiful” touting the advantages of having a minimal housing footprint. Benefits include smaller monthly expenses paid in rent, utilities, maintenance, and insurance, less impact on the environment, and less time spent cleaning and maintaining.  Part of going small is finding ways to take advantage of every square inch of living space. Here are five ways to maximize your living space.


Hold to the “One Thing In, One Thing Out Rule.”  If you purchase two more shirts, you need to get rid of two old shirts. Chances are, once you got the new shirts you were not going to wear the old shirts anyway.

Buy Small

Buy the small version if you can. For example, if you only drink one cup of coffee at a time, choose the small, two cup coffee pot rather than the monster 12 cup pot. Even if you have company once in awhile, you can brew two or three pots as needed. Or, consider purchasing the small table top ironing board instead of the full sized version. Better yet, get rid of the ironing altogether and opt for wrinkle free clothing.

Go Digital for reading material

Opting for the ebook or audiobook rather than the 500 page hard cover can save you space and the trouble of getting rid of books later on. Many libraries now carry a large variety of ebooks and audiobooks that can be downloaded to your mobile device.

Use door hangers and other storage gadgets

Look around for ideas to maximize space that normally goes unused such as door hangers for shoes, over the toilet shelves for linens, or the numerous closet storage ideas on the market.

Buy items that can serve double duty

For example, North Face sells tear off pants that double as a pair of shorts. These work well when you want to travel light also.

Space to Entertain

If you like having guests over, consider how often you actually have company. Do you need to maintain all the space required for an extra bedroom or living room for the few times a year you have company?  Or do you end up going out to eat anyway? Many apartments are offering amenities such as a community room, and guest suits for the times you have friends over. Eliminating entertainment space without losing the ability to entertain saves you money and stress every month.  

As Americans, we often think bigger is better. However, the freedom of small helps the pocketbook and lifts the spirit.