The East Side is The Best Side

Everyone knows the east side of Sioux Falls is booming.  Not only is it booming but it is a different kind of lifestyle.  I live on the west side of Sioux Falls and believe me, this side of town is so much more relaxed yet it has everything you need right there.  You get the rush of the city life but you can still take a step back, take a deep breath and take in the beauty of this east side of town.  It is beautifully laid out and you can tell the people who live here care about the landscape of their part of Sioux Falls.

What is it that makes the east side the best side? I am going to tell you so sit tight and try not to get too hungry during the dining part.

1. Shopping

Sometimes a girl just needs to shop… boys too.  Target is a fan favorite and with Starbucks inside, how can you go wrong?  I hear Target is trying to make it possible to also buy wine for your shopping experience and I am all for this.  Burlington Coat Factory is amazing.  I went in there thinking I was going to be lost in coats. I was so wrong.  I was surrounded by low prices and a new favorite place.

2. Let’s Eat

This is my favorite section because I really like to eat.  The Barrel House is an experience everyone needs to have.  They have unique burgers and their fries are to die for.  Botski’s Bar and Grill is a favorite to Sioux Falls residents.  I hear they have the best chislic which is lamb as it is supposed to be.  Overtime Sports Grill is known to have amazing Bloody Marys.  If you like spicy food, the Attic’s Charging Chicken brings me back there often.  I can’t name them all but there is no shortage of delicious venues for whatever you like on the east side.



3. Relax

Not only is life a little slower and more relaxed over here on the east side, there are businesses to help you do this.  Massage Envy is always a treat for both men and women… especially for moms when it is close to days like, you know, Mother’s Day (hint, hint).  There are nail and hair salons, spas and much more that can help you kick back and enjoy a day to yourself.

4. Let’s Get Out

There are so many opportunities for outdoor activities on the east side.  I personally love going out to Arrowhead Park where you can walk around the trails and see the beautiful landscape.  If you want to drive a few miles out, twenty one miles northeast you’ll find Palisade State Park which is one of the most breathtaking views in South Dakota.  It is lined with Sioux quartzite formations with 50 ft drops.  There are so many options to hike and climb including Devil’s Gulch, The Mary Jo Wegner Arboretum and Good Earth State Park.  


5. Let's Have Fun!

All the above are fun but these places are made for fun.  Century East at Dawley Farm is our theater of choice in Sioux Falls… why you ask?  They have a real life butter pump!  That’s right, you order your popcorn and then they have a spot where you can pump as much butter as your heart desires.  Great Bear Ski Resort is a family favorite!  Skiing, tubing and even weddings are held at Great Bear.  Grand Falls Casino is just a hop and a skip away and it has an excellent buffet and is a classy and fun place to waste some time.  If gambling isn’t your thing, there is a spa and golf course right on the property.  Speaking on golf courses, the Willow Run Golf Course is already famous in Sioux Falls for hosting the LPGA Symetra tournament two years in a row.  This list could go on and on.