Five Reasons Apartment Living is Better Living

Trying to decide between renting and owning can be challenging.  There are many things to consider when making the decision and the details may be different and personal for each individual person.  There are definitely some perks to living the apartment life and I am here to share those reasons.      

1. Maintenance Free Living

Dishwasher quit working?  Air conditioning not kicking in?  These things may be just as annoying to a renter as a homeowner but they are quite a bit cheaper!  When you’re a homeowner, appliances breaking down can really break the bank.  Renting prevents those unplanned expenses when they are out of your control.  It is a huge relief that this expense is off your shoulders.  The time you save is an added bonus.  You just make the call to your property manager and they line up the work.   The renter will also have a beautiful yard that can be purely enjoyed without having to lift a finger.  Say good bye to mowing and pulling weeds!

2. Amazing Amenities

How awesome is it to be able to go for a swim or workout where you live?  Not many homes have a pool, fitness center, community room, theatre room, etc.  This is not only fun for you and your guests, but the saves money and time.  A gym membership can be costly and when you take the time and gas into consideration for each workout, it is a no brainer to choose an apartment with a fitness center.  Another great feature for many apartments is the pool.  Some apartments have an indoor and outdoor pool with grilling areas and fire pits.  It is nothing short of impressive when you host a fun get-together with friends and family with all the amazing amenities is has to offer.


3. Low Cost

Utilities in a home can be expensive and stressful.  Heat, water, electricity and garbage are fluctuating costs and depending on weather, holidays and other factors it can be a costly expense to you as a homeowner.  Some renters have the amazing luxury of having all of the utilities paid by the complex so that the renter can breathe easy knowing these factors will not hinder their lifestyle.  This is a huge benefit for a renter.  If we are having abnormally low temperatures, which we all know happens in South Dakota, your heat bill is no longer a concern for you.  There is also no property tax or homeowners insurance the renter has to pay for which can be a good chunk of a house payment.  These things not only save you money but save you stress.  You can spend more time enjoying life and less time wondering if you paid your water or heat bill.                            

4. Community

One of the best features of apartment living is the community.  The close proximity of apartment life creates a community that makes a person feel safe and builds lifelong friendships.  A community center and courtyard promotes a friendly and fun lifestyle where people living at the apartment community are welcome to come together and enjoy their home.

5. Fluctuation in Property Value

Property values can rise and fall over time.  This can be stressful if you are trying to sell when property values are low.  This can also be difficult when you’re trying to buy when values are high.  This problem is substantially less for renters and sometimes doesn’t affect them at all.  Home value controls the amount of property tax a homeowner will pay, the amount of your mortgage and has many more effects.  Renters can rest easy knowing this isn’t going to ruin the plans they may have for vacations, family activities or savings.