The Art of De-cluttering: Moving from a House into an Apartment

clutter (1).jpg

Moving from a house into an apartment can be tough, especially on the amount of space you have to fit all of your belongings. While the apartments at Graystone Heights in Sioux Falls are spacious, no one can argue that fitting a whole house worth of stuff in one can be a challenge.  Here are a few easy ways to get rid of clutter or unnecessary things, to increase the physical space that your new apartment provides.

  1. Be realistic about what you actually need:  Many people keep things “just in case” such as if you have a big dinner party and need extra plates or you may move someday so you keep empty cardboard boxes, etc. These things just promote clutter and take up space for items that you do need or want to keep. Don’t let guilt or a fear of the future motivate your decisions when you’re decluttering. Keep things that “promote joy” and get rid of the rest.

  2. Detach yourself: The hardest part isn’t the physical work involved in decluttering, it’s detaching yourself from the items in your home that no longer serve you. We invest a lot of our identity into the objects we fill our homes with. Or maybe they connect you to your past —old Christmas cards or baby clothes. No one but you can make the decision of what to keep, but it’s a good idea to start with the less emotionally -charged items first, and then move on to the harder decision.

  3. Cleaning: Using the “3 bin method” is an easy way to decide what to keep, what to get rid of and what to donate. Donating things can often be easier then throwing them out, because you know they are going to a good cause and will be loved and used by someone else. If you have things that you can’t bear just throwing in the trash, Ggoodwill will certainly find a home for them. As far as cleaning, do a little at a time but often. Marathon cleaning can be very stressful and emotionally draining. Especially if you are going to be getting rid of things with meaning. Spread out your cleaning over a few weeks and then stay up to date with it so mess does not slowly pile up.

  4. Find a home for things: Instead of leaving things out on counters, find a home for them that are hidden inside a drawer or cabinet. This will de-clutter your space and leave your mind more at ease. If you have things that need to be left out, invest in a decorative holder or box to keep things contained. The more clean and organized countertops are, the more space you seem to have.