Local Construction Site Goes Pink

A Sioux Falls business is using some unique methods to promote breast cancer awareness this month.  Frontier Builders has been in the community for close to eight years and decided it time to give back.  

It's not too often you see the color pink on a construction site. For Frontier Builders, this brightly colored piece of equipment has a special purpose.

"I've got guys that work for me that their moms have had surgery in the last month that have had to go through it. We've got family, friends. Everybody in town I think knows somebody that's gone through cancer at some point in their life," Zacariah Cool, owner/operator of Frontier Builders, said.  

This pink forklift now sits outside of Graystone Apartments, near 57th Street and Sycamore Avenue in Sioux Falls. The pretty paint job cost a pretty penny, at around $4,000.

"The guys, other subs on the projects, from plumbers to heating and cooling, all that stuff kind of donated some money so we put their names on it just as sponsorship. Just to let everybody know who's behind it," Cool said. 

They also made shirts, now being sold inside the apartment lobby. The money from sales is going to Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Research.

Frontier's owners say this was a last minute decision on a rainy day, but they hope to use it for good for years to come.

"There's a lot of people in town who already do a good job with stuff like this. From Novak with pink dumpsters to everybody else. Sioux Falls is a big enough community that there's a lot of people doing good stuff. It takes a little time out of your day, a little money, but in the long run it's all worth it," Cool said.

Graystone Apartments are also chipping in by giving $100 of each lease signed in October to the fund raising efforts.