The Last Minute Moving Checklist You Need


No matter how many boxes you have, how far you’re moving or how many friends you have helping you... Moving is EXHAUSTING. It is mentally, physically and emotionally draining. It is all consuming and a daunting process. Just thinking about doing it all over again makes me want to turn off the lights, curl up under my blanket and hit the snooze button..

But (whether we want to or not) we all have to put on our big kid pants and adult eventually. Remember, there is a reason we are moving - maybe it’s to a new city for a new job, across town to move in with your long term boyfriend, or just upstairs to the bigger apartment with the better view (um, yes please). Whatever your reason for moving, it’s probably a pretty exciting reason and it’s most definitely going to be some type of adventure! So, if we could just get through the actual moving process…

Staying organized and on top of things is the most important thing to do when going through the moving process. Between packing all of the boxes, cleaning the apartment, and searching for a new one - there are a few very important items that can easily slip through the cracks. So we’ve created The Last Minute Moving Checklist to help you remember every last thing that will end up making your move as smooth as possible. Cross these to-do items off of your checklist BEFORE you move and feel like the true organized, moving-superhero boss that you are!

  1. Change your mailing address. As soon as you know your move date, hop onto and begin having your mail forwarded to your new address. This will ensure you don’t miss any important mail coming your way during your transition. From there you will also be prompted with information on how to update your voter registration.

  2. After this, call and give an updated address to (or cancel) the following:

    • Financial Institutions: banks, credit cards, car insurance, renters insurance, etc.

    • Medical/Doctor’s Offices: doctors, dentists, eye care, health insurance, etc.

    • Subscriptions or Memberships: Gym, magazines, school, religious institutions

  3. Get your internet scheduled for setup ASAP. Nothing’s worse than doing this one last minute. If you don’t get it scheduled for set up in advance, you could be without internet for a good week or two in your new place. Who likes twiddling their thumbs??

  4. Make sure you have your utilities set up with the correct start up date. The logistics of this step may vary depending on which state you are in and whether or not you are in an apartment or a house… But electricity and hot water are a must.

  5. Create a list of things you will need and want for your first few days in the apartment and then go buy them. This list will include things like laundry detergent, a shower curtain, hand soap, trash bags, food for the first few days and if you’re like me - then a few pretty candles and a bottle of wine. This will ensure that you can spend your time unpacking and slowly settling into your new home instead of having to run out at 9pm because you forgot to grab some TP.

Though this list is short and the items may seem trivial, tackling this to-do list before you make the move gives you time to focus on unpacking, rearranging furniture and making the place feel like home. And after a long first day of hauling boxes into the new place, you’d probably rather take a nice relaxing bath instead of jumping on the phone with your utility company because you forgot to have the lights turned on.


How To Make Your Kitchen Cozy and Stylish


A brand new kitchen in a brand new apartment is like a blank canvas just waiting for you to make it your own... It’s just waiting for you to add in your personality and flare. If you’re smart, you’ll try to combine pretty with practical. A kitchen isn’t just another place to hang out, you work and cook in there as well, so it also needs to be functional. Below are 5 stylish and practical design ideas to try out in your new kitchen.

  1. Try adding in free standing storage. If you’re like me, there can never be enough storage space. But if done properly, it can be a stylish way to display your dishware or statement dining places. If you’re already set on the amount of cabinet space you have in your kitchen, try adding in a cute bar or wine rack. If placed properly, it can break up your kitchen area and add a level of sophistication to the space (I mean, what says ‘grown up’ more than a bar in your apartment, right?!)

  2. Pick a space in your kitchen and turn it into a coffee station. Design that space to completely satisfy the coffee lover in your family. Pick a cabinet right next to the coffee pot that you can store your filters, coffee grounds, sugar and cream and make it all easily accessible. Decorate the space by hanging your cutest coffee mugs above the coffee pot or decorate the space with mason jars filled with sugar, cinnamon and anything else you love in your coffee. Make it adorable and something you enjoy.

  3. Decide what you want to do with the rest of your counter space. If a clutter free space is more your style, find a home for all your kitchen belongings in the cabinets and place a bowl of fruit or a vase of beautiful flowers on your counter. Simple is always nice. Or you can spruce things up by stacking gorgeous wood cutting boards in one corner and creating a cookbook library in another. Again, figure out what makes you happy and do that!

  4. Add in plants of some kind - a small indoor herb garden, some succulents, some fresh flowers you bought for yourself.. anything! Plants bring life to any room they are in. They make the space more enjoyable and quite frankly, help you to want to spend more time in that space. We could all use a little extra kick in the pants to cook at home more. This could help with that… or it may not. But either way, your kitchen will be warm and welcoming.

  5. FInish the space off with a piece of artwork or decor that you love. The key to decorating any space is to fill it with things that make you HAPPY. Your kitchen is no exception. Pick a piece or pieces that make you smile when you look at it and you can’t go wrong.

Sometimes a kitchen can be the last space we think about decorating. But it happens to be just as important as any other room in your home. It’s a space where you cook with loved ones, eat healthy meals, dance, sing, have deep, meaningful conversations with loved ones.. It can be argued this is one of the most important rooms in the whole house! Don’t neglect it! Use the tips above to make the most of your new apartment kitchen space.