Resident Appreciation Party


We want to give a huge shout out to everyone who came together to make our Resident Luau Party a raging success!

The residents at Graystone Heights are truly something else - they are kind and generous and always looking for ways to help one another and their Graystone family. Looking for a way to say ‘Thank You’, the Graystone Team decided to throw a Resident Luau Appreciation Party, and boy, was it a blast.


We had amazing food provided by Century Link - hotdogs, burgers, chips, and butterfly shots. The band Suzie B 3 played amazing music throughout the day.

There were awesome giveaways all day long - tattoo gift certificates provided by Apex Ink, bbq aprons and grilling tools, Simply Fresh bags, oil changes from Franklin Motor, koozies, hats, shirts, sunglasses, phone chargers, and Fly Boy doughnuts. The day was filled with with goodies which made the day that much better.

Residents enjoyed the sunshine, the food, the giveaways, the pool and more importantly each other. It was a day filled with laughs, water balloon fights, life size jenga, yard yahtzee, music, grilling, and friends.

Again, we are so thankful for everyone who came out and everyone who supported this event. We firmly believe that the Graystone Heights Community is unlike any other and we’re so happy we were all able to get together to celebrate that.

Tasty Summer Treats

Healthy Treat.jpg

It is officially summer. It is hot, it is hotter than hot. But just because things are heating up in Sioux Falls, doesn’t mean that you can’t find a sweet, delicious way to cool down! Check out the quick and easy recipes below and treat yourself to a healthy little summertime snack.

• 5 Minute Lemon Raspberry Frozen Yogurt

This one is as refreshing as it is tasty. Nothing better to cool you off in these hot summer
months than som froyo. Suggestion: Throw a girls night and impress them with this tasty

• Watermelon Donuts

Who doesn’t love donuts?? And what’s better than donuts? Healthy donuts! Layer dairy free whipped cream and some sprinkles on cute little watermelon cutouts and you will question everything you once thought you knew. These are to die for and just so darn cute!

• Paleo Vanilla Panna Cotta with Passion Fruit

This guilt free little treat incorporates the exotic fruit you’re always too hesitant to buy because you’re not quite sure how to eat it. But guess what? It’s easier to incorporate these fruits than you think!

• Strawberries with Nutella and Coconut Whipped Cream

This one is pretty self explanatory and yet a classic. The perfect healthy dessert for either a romantic date night or a night with your girls in front of the TV. You can never go wrong with berries and chocolate.

• Blackberry Thyme Yogurt Popsicle

This summer treat takes only minutes of preparation but will still make you feel like giving yourself a pat on the back after making. Nothing says ‘Adulting’ like blackberry thyme yogurt popsicles.

You work hard during the days - Why not treat yourself? These healthy options will leave you guilt free and fully satisfied!